So it’s starting again… Framingham. After three farmers markets, we’re getting many repeat customers. On our second day there we sold 90 bags, and just recently on our third trip we moved about 80.

Framingham farmers market

We’ve had a bunch of drive-bys, where someone will spot the tent and pull right over and get out and buy a bag. One woman said she had her windows down while waiting for the light and could smell it. 2 hours later she comes back and gets a bag. Still pretty decent for only 4 vendors with tents. (Not including the Federation of Farmers’ Markets tent – the people who run the show.)

Johnny Macleod My buddy “Johnny” MacLeod lives near by and has been showing up and hanging out. I’ve known him since freshman year in high school (1976). He was the main actor in my big obscure indie film project called “”. I may be sucking him into this “scam” and make him pop kettle corn. Don’t you hate it when someone writes about someone else in a blog that has no relevance to the reader? Tough noogies. :-)

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