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Typical craft fair excerpt

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Popping again at the Framingham Humane Society craft fair. This video is an excerpt from the video that is part of my How To Start A Kettle Corn Business guide. The event basically got rained out, so there wasn’t a lot happening.

Boy is it HOT

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Yup,  popping in 96 degree weather sure is tough. I’ve been shooting mostly video for my kettle corn business site, so you haven’t seen much lately in this blog. I pretty much have enough footage to create a DVD, so that should be going online soon. It’s interesting that business has slacked off in Springfield for the past 3 weeks, but has kept steady at the Framingham location. I remember from last year that it picked up as the year went along.

Despair at the Framingham Farmers Market

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Latest news is the website. I banged this out last week. A couple of customers were hoping they could find out what veggies were being sold at the market so they could plan their food shopping for that day. I suggested to Elizabeth (the market mistress) that if we had a wordpress blog going, you can make posts to it via email through a secret account. By using Velma’s iphone, we can do updates right at the market while it’s going. Everything works like a charm. We’re desperate to get the word out for out little farmers market and any sort of marketing helps. I tried posting links to a bunch of websites that are associated with the town of Framingham, Massachusetts but they all seem indifferent to mentioning us.

I finally discovered a mailing list called framcom that goes out to only residents of Framingham would are interested in local things. Mailing lists are kind of old school, so I was surprised that one was still going. I asked a few questions to the moderator and he seemed kind of anal about running it. (Remember the old SNL skit with Jimmy Fallon called Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy?) I notice that people are posting mundane stuff like finding a pair of boat oars in the town of Framingham. I’m thinking, “Oh, then telling people about the farmers market in their town run by LOCAL FARMERS should be right on the money.” I send out a post mentioning the market. I get a reply from the moderator that I didn’t post the email to his specifications and now I’m only allowed one more mention of the farmers market. Oh great – finding a pair of boat oars is critical news, but a local farmers market which is enjoyed by many is something that needs to be suppressed. Jimmy Fallon is a genius, just watch the video to the link above to get an idea on what kind of people run these types of things.

Penelope The Pig Loves Velma’s

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

Watch the scoop where we make another addict out of an almost plate of spare ribs. So far we’ve given away our “droppings” to a pig farm and a homeless guy. We knew the stuff went off to some farm somewhere, but we never had a face to go with our new fan. It’s kind of nice that we can get rid of a large garbage bag full of this stuff ’cause it’s a pain finding room for it in the car. We look forward in keeping Penelope and the chickens happy.

Velma’s Maple Kettle Corn

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

OK, we try a new spin on kettle corn at the Springfield Farmers Market. As I mentioned in the video, somebody had come by our Framingham Farmers Market location and was selling maple syrup on that day. I told the vendor that I’ve seen a few people who make maple syrup also make maple kettle corn. They have access to the primary resource, which is maple syrup and it doesn’t cost that much more for the popcorn and oil. I’ve tried maple kettle corn from other vendors and I certainly like it, but after you’ve stuffed your face with an entire bag, it starts to end up being note one kind of flavor. I must have dumped at least $4 worth of maple syrup into the kettle for this batch, so financially one would take a hit if you did this on a regular basis.

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