Carver Farmers Market – 1st time

In our thrashing about to find new markets, we’ve stumbled upon the Carver Farmers Market. We did our first day there and it has some good things going for it. The market has been going for 8 years and it has a built in following. The market is near a busy road, so it has good visibility. The market is basically in the woods, so the sun and heat isn’t hammering you as if you were in an open parking lot somewhere. The person running it is a very descent person who isn’t on a power trip. He is enthusiastic about his market and has added many “attractions” like music and a goofy kids “train” ride. The unfortunate part is it’s located in Carver Massachussets – a town with a population of 11,000. Compared to a town like Framingham which has a population of 68,000 or a place like Springfield with 153,000, it’s pretty small and spread out. In the kettle corn biz, you really need the volume of people to make the entire thing worthwhile. You need to pay for two people sitting in a tent, not just one. We would’ve loved to have the Thursday Plymouth Farmers Market work out (population 56,000), but we’ve already built up 5 years worth of loyal addicts in Framingham on the same day.

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