Assonet Fireworks

We’ve always wanted to pop at a towns fireworks display, but there’s usually too many hoops to jump through to get in. Dan knew that there was going to be a fireworks display in his town of Assonet, Massachusetts and wanted the chance to be able to pop there. When he contacted the town hall, they immediately told him that only non-profit organizations can only be in the main viewing area. This has always stopped us cold in the past, but not Dan. He knew that the Assonet Lions Club has 2 tent spaces at the event, and they typically don’t make too much money selling their corn chips and chili. He convinced them that if we set up our kettle corn operation in one of their spots, we’d attract a crowd and would share the proceeds with them. Well, it worked. He was able to get into the main area along side the Lions Club tent. Other vendors had to set up outside the main viewing area, along a side street. We had good feed back from other Assonet citizens who had been at the Strawberry festival we had popped at a few weeks back.

The night was nuts. Everyone had crowded into an area the size of a football field, and we were set up right next to them. We were able attract a huge crowd with the smell of the kettle corn as it came out of our kettle. At one point we had a line of maybe 30-40 people. I’ve never popped so much kettle corn in a 3 hour period. We only got to stop when they turned the lights off during the fireworks display and we were told to shut down. Joining forces with a non-profit organization like the Lions really opens the doors for other events that we typically wouldn’t be allowed to join by ourselves.

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