We’ve NOT Doing The Hyannis Farmers Market.

OK, so we’re NOT doing the Hyannis Farmers Market. (But boy, did we get close.) This year I’ve been looking for new markets to pop since I’ve recently moved to the Buzzards Bay area. We’ve been hearing all sorts of great things about the Hyannis Farmers Market. Hyannis is basically the hub of Cape Cod, a real tourist magnet in the summer and probably the town with the most businesses on the Cape. The farmers market itself if on the main drag and just down the street from a tourist hotspot. The vendors we’ve spoken to all said that it’s a jumping place, we should try to do it.

Cynthia, the market manager was very enthusiastic about having us pop there. We were all set to go, the final hurdle was getting the OK from the board of health since we prepare food onsite. They need to give us a temporary food permit, sort of along the lines of what a catering company does. The word came back that they won’t issue a permit for someone who will come back every week, they will only issue a permit for someone who will do an event once. (!) As I’ve mentioned in my kettle corn training course, health departments are never consistent. We never really got a clear answer as to why popping 4 times a month is unacceptable verses just once. Apparently a previous pizza guy was trying to cook at the market and they had an issue with him.

One Response to “We’ve NOT Doing The Hyannis Farmers Market.”

  1. Joel Smith Says:

    Bureaucracy. What matters above all is following procedure.

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