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I went nuts and took this entire blog and converted it into a Kindle ebook and slapped it up on Amazon. The thing is over 200 pages and has over 15 megs of photos. It certainly makes it easier to read everything off-line. I wanted to charge 99 cents, but Amazon wouldn’t allow me to because of all the data you end up downloading. It’s only 2 bucks at this point (the cheapest I could make it). You can take a look at it here:

I wanted to take a whack at Kindle/ebook marketing. As a Kindle publisher, you get to give your book out free for 5 days. The objective is to get as many (good) reviews as possible to help push it up the rankings on Amazon. Let me tell you, it’s very hard to get ANYBODY to give you a review. I paid for a Facebook BOOST to the 700 subscribers on my LIKED list. You typically get (1) review for every 100 people you approach. Some of the top Amazon reviewers leave their email address on their profile, inviting companies to give them stuff. At this point (March 10, 2015) I managed to get 17 reviews at 4.5 stars. I’m happy with that. After looking through lists of Amazon reviewers, it was obvious that my book wasn’t something that the mainstream wanted to see – ROMANCE NOVELS are the big sellers. I figured out after the fact that I should’ve been using the cover on the right.

Update: 3/4/15

I’ve been checking my stats on Amazon. I’ve only gotten a few downloads at this point, but with my 18 (mostly) postive reviews, I’m on page 4 of Entrepreneurshhip & Small Business : Entrpreneurship : Startups

Other stats: Entrepreneurship & Small Business : Entrpreneurship – Page 20, Entrepreneurship & Small Business : Home Based Business – Page 6. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next year.

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