2015 Sudbury Colonial Faire Time Lapse

So this is what our biggest day of the season looks like. I’ve blogged about the Sudbury Colonial Faire before – from 2008. We’ve been coming here for a bunch of years, so we’ve got a lot of regulars who return every year, wanting their bag(s). We popped around 400 bags, as you can see from the video. We’ve developed a system where we give ourselves a buffer against the crowds that form, wanting their bag. By making sure we have three layers of already popped bags on the table, we can then “fight back” the crowd if they start to surge. Years ago we didn’t do this and a huge line would form and put us behind the demand curve. We also calls this our (Star Trek) “shields” against the “enemy” of hungry customers (Klingons) who want their kettle corn NOW. All the other food vendors were getting swamped with customers, but Dan and I never got buried. I’m sure you lose business if you make a customer wait too long.

We’ve also been doing other events at this location for a while now, but we missed one event this year because we were already booked down the road in Framingham. About a week ago, we started to get complaints from some of our regular customers who went to this Sudbury event and didn’t see us there, ending up buying a bag of kettle corn from another vendor and ending up very disappointed with their product. Four different people schlepped all the way to Framingham to give us flack about somebody else’s product! I’m still amazed at how many people screw kettle corn up. I’ve gotten email from people who have bought my kettle corn business guide and THEY still insist of messing with the formula.

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