Buy Kettle Corn

Buy (4) 8 oz Bags Of Kettle Corn For $20

We use no preservatives, your kettle corn will be shipped on the same day we pop it. We want to make sure you get our kettle corn wicked fresh and wicked delicious!

Can I ship it as a present?

Of course! We’ll stick a note inside with whatever you want it to say. By having us ship the box directly to them, it will save time and freshness. When you get to the PayPal screen, click the “Enter MESSAGE and Recipient Address” link. Here is where you will enter your message and the address of the person receiving the gift. If you want to snarf all 4 bags by yourself, leave this area blank and the box will automatically go to the verified PayPal address on the account.

What gives with shipping?

We insist you eat our kettle corn wicked fresh. USPS Priority is the cheapest, yet fastest way to get it to you. The post office claims it will get there in 2 business days 85% of the time. The main factor is how close is a major airport to its final destination. We pop in Buzzards Bay, Masssachusetts – so we estimate that costs and shipping from here. Anywhere in the New England area will only be around 5 bucks, New York is like 6 bucks, Illinois is around 8 bucks, the west coast is about 12. PayPal will figure out your total when you click the CALCULATE button at the login screen.

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