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Everett Cityfest 2014 – Another corporate gig!

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

The city of Everett has a yearly celebration where they close off Norwood street and fill it with music and vendors. It’s kind of like the Newton Highlands Village Day we did last year.

A national hotel chain wants to build a casino in Everett and is trying to finalize the plans with the town. They had a tent set up at this event and wanted to illustrate what their plans looked like. They also wanted to give something away to the crowd to attract more interest in their tent. Their event manager thought kettle corn would attract a lot of people since we tend to stink up the joint when we pop. They liked what they saw on our website and thought our colors matched their casino theme. They hired us to make 300 half-size bags and give them away to the crowd. It’s not every day you get pre-paid to pop, but when it happens it makes a really fun day.

I knew once the word got out that there was free kettle corn was to be had, 300 bags wouldn’t cut it. It can turn into a shark feeding frenzy when you just hand the stuff out. Sure enough, our smell went down the street, a line formed that went out side their tent and we hit 300 bags by 2 o’clock. Ultimately we ended up giving away 700 bags. Normally we like to seal everything up so people can take it home, but at this rate you just scoop and toss the stuff out. The day went off really well, everyone was happy and it looks like they want us back next year.

Sudbury 375th Celebration

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

The town of Sudbury went all out to celebrate it’s 375th anniversary. They combined a large craft fair, tons of music and a fireworks show all in one day at their high school. We got invited because we’ve been doing plenty of other events in Sudbury like the Paws In The Park and The Colonial Faire. We were popping in Sudbury 2 weeks ago at their Olde Time Fair – this event was basically a warm up to this 375th celebration. Needless to say, Sudbury loves us and we love Sudbury.

Some of our most intense popping days are right before fireworks displays. It’s past dinner, it’s getting dark and everyone wants to a bag of kettle corn to munch on while they watch the show. We sold a crazy amount of kettle corn at the Assonet Fireworks back in 2012. If you can be right next to the spot where the crowd forms and get the wind to blow your cooking aroma across them, the whole thing feeds on itself and you end up getting murdered with ravenous customers. Today we ended up planting our tent right across the bandstand and were armed for bear. I took (5) 50 lb bags of popcorn with me that day. There was no way I was going to run out.

The day starts fine, but we didn’t get a crazy amount of business. They had asked a ton of other food vendors to be there, typically we can’t compete with real food like BBQ stuff when lunch time rolls around. They also had two ice cream trucks hammering the kids. By the time 4 o’clock rolled around, we were only up a hundred bucks each. Not a biggie, we thought the real killing was to be had when it got dark. All of a sudden a massive thunder storm front came through with tornado watches and everything. Gale force winds picked up, drenched everyone and the customers scattered. So much for our big day. We thought today would’ve been our biggest day of the year, but the weather screwed us.

Olde Time Fair – Sudbury, MA

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Boy do we love Sudbury, Massachusetts. We’ve been doing the Colonial Faire at the Wayside Inn for a few years now and have built up a pretty good following. The town of Sudbury is having their 375 celebration and one of the events is this Olde Time Fair which was held on August 23rd. Apparently someone from the town knew our of kettle corn from the Wayside Inn event and asked us to be here. We jumped all over the chance. We’ve got a bunch of people who are loyal followers of our product from the other Sudbury events, and they didn’t disappoint.

The location was sort of in a weird spot – it was centered around the small town common, which is at the crossroads of two busy streets. It was a pain in the butt to get our trailer in it’s final spot. Tons of people were there for the day to see the pony rides and other critters. We sold 8 oils worth of kettle corn – the same amount we did last week at the Framingham Farmers Market (which is just down the street). These types of events where you have people who have already tried your product tend to do really well. Typically we don’t sell many large bags if nobody knows who you are, but the regulars were really gobbling everything up.

We’re really getting torqued up for the Sudbury Field Day event on September 6th. There’s gonna be concerts and fireworks that day, all 10 hours of it. We’re going to be exhausted and hopefully this will be our record day of the season. We learned that the Colonial Faire will have extra people this year because of the 375 celebration, so it should be close between the two events.

Corporate Gig – Fontaine Outpatient Center

Saturday, June 21st, 2014

These coporate gigs are nice, when they happen. We got bought out for the day by the Fontaine Outpatient Center in Harwich, MA. They had a grand “re-opening” picnic event where they basically coerced people to show up with free hamburgers/hot dogs, ice creams and kettle corn. The event ran for 3 hours.

They did a postcard mailing to around 20,000 people on Cape Cod. They were expecting about 300 people, but it’s almost impossible to make that amount of full size bags in 3 hours. Instead we cut the bags in half and made (300) 3 oz. bags (see the photo below). This worked out great because we got mostly older people coming by and a regular big bag would’ve been too much for them. They basically paid us ahead of time to make that amount – we just popped and gave away bags to anyone who wanted one. We hit it right on the money, when 4 o’clock rolled around we had a few bags on the table and a couple of employees grabbed that last few. We also got to stuff our faces with a bunch of hamburgers and ice creams bars for free. Not a bad gig when you can get them.

Paws In The Park 2014

Sunday, May 4th, 2014

Again – boy do we love doggies! Fun event – good crowd. We did very well this year – so early in the year too. This is the same spot where we do our best business, the Sudbury Wayside Inn. Later in September we’ll be back for the colonial event. That’s when we go nuts!

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