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Maui Kazowie Kettle Corn – Maui, Hawaii

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

We were trying to find groceries and we stumble upon the Pukalani Superette near Makawao in Maui, Hawaii. We notice that they were selling kettle corn next to all the other cool Asian foods that they had. This has got to be the most crappy bag of kettle corn I’ve ever seen. I would’ve thrown out this load if I had made it. Velma insisted that I buy the bag so here is our review. To see more Hawaiian related videos, go to the Dacrons Travel Blog.

Maui Swap Meet – Maui, Hawaii

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

This is the biggest farmers market on Maui. I had seen a photo of a kettle corn tent that was here a while ago, no kettle corn now. We’ve been snarfing on fresh fruit the whole time we’re been here, and this is a great place to find all different kinds. To see more stuff about Hawaii, go to

Kihei Farmers Market – Maui, Hawaii

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

We found this farmers market on Maui on one of our first days here. Seems like they call any sort of open air store a “farmers market”. To see more Hawaiian stuff, go to

Hawaii here we come

Friday, January 9th, 2009

TikiSo the next big expedition is to go out to the Hawaiian islands for the month of February. We’re sort’ve going out there with the idea of moving out there someday. Preferably sooner than later. I know there are a bunch of farmers markets on each island and they are a big part of the economy for each little community. While searching online, I found somebody selling kettle corn at one of them in Oahu. Hopefully we can track them down and see what’s up.

The plan is this: Get off the plane after a mother of God plane trip and crash on a beach on Oahu. (Island #1). We’re signed up for 3 days at a beach house/condo type of thing that is right next to the ocean. Velma is all torqued up on visiting “Lost” locations. Lost is a big network TV show that’s on right now. There is a huge flea market on this island near Peal Harbor, so we’ll be going there with “kettle corn eyes”.

Stay on Maui (Island #2) for the month of February. We found this studio apartment type thing that isn’t right on the ocean, but near enough to stuff for our tastes. $50 a night. The catch is you have to stay for a month. I guess we’ll have to tough it out. How can I do this? I’m self employed with no children. (I KNEW there was a reason why I didn’t have kids.)

We’ll be visiting the big island of Hawaii (Island #3) for about 4 days. There’s this funky place called Uncle Billy’s in Hilo where we will be staying. It’s the epitome of cheesy Hawaiian culture and we adore it. Everything is covered with bamboo, plenty of Japanese fish ponds, pathetic hula shows at night at the bar. It’s perfect and inexpensive.

There is a huge farmers market in Hilo that we’re ready to check out. Not sure what the logistics of making kettle corn are on the Big Island, but this would be the spot to try. We’re also very interested in the Kona side of the island. We’ve discovered that you can get a whole farm with tons of acreage for very reasonable money. The deal is you’ve got to maintain the farm and you lease the land from the Hawaiians. What the hell, we’ll switch to selling macadamia nuts instead of kettle corn and live happily ever after. We leave on the 28th of January.

Check out our Dacrons travel guide website. We’ll be doing tons of posting and pictures of what we find there.

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