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Lasell College Fall Fest

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Lasell College is Newton was having their fall festival and wanted to give out kettle corn along with some other goodies. We served 523 little bags to everyone, had tons of compliments on our product.

Kat’s Food Adventures Review!

Friday, September 13th, 2013

We got a review on Kat’s Food Adventures blog! Woo hoo! I was talking with Kat about online marketing and crap at our tent at the Newton Farmers Market and learned that she’s basically a foodie blogger. I dunno – what’s more interesting, making kettle corn or doing online marketing? It’s kind of nice having someone make a video about me, since I’ve been making videos about my customers for years.

Start of the Newton Farmers Market 2013

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Yay! It’s the start of this years Newton (Outdoor) Farmers Market! We’ve been waiting all year for July to come around so we can match our income at the Framingham Farmers Market on Thursdays. The Newton farmers market is every Tuesday from 1:30-6pm at the Cold Springs Park in Newton, MA. The market has been around for ever and has a really nice selection of veggies and other goodies. We waited all year for this.

The Newton winter market was kind of iffy. We suspected it was because we didn’t have ANY bakers there selling yummy, fresh baked goods. We confirmed this at the opening of the summer market. We asked just about everybody if they went to the winter market and many didn’t even know it existed. The few people who did go down there confirmed that they were disappointed that there were no baked goods. Many people just showed up on the first day and never came back. Since there aren’t that many fresh veggies during the winter, baked goods seem to be the “anchor” table at these winter markets. As an example, the Easton Indoor Farmers Market had 5 baked goods tables and that place was hopping back in March.

Newton Highlands Village Day 2013

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

We’ve been banging away at the Newton Indoor Farmers Market all season, so when we saw this outdoor event, we figured we’d jump on it. We’ve got 2 more weeks to go before the Newton Outdoor Farmers Market starts. We’ve been waiting all year to for this market to start up. It’s weird in that in starts in July, verses most farmers markets will start in June. The winter market never really caught on with the residents, but we know we’ll be doing fabulous once we get outside.

The Newton Highlands Village Day is basically a small street fair. The businesses within Newton Highlands could set up a table outside their store front and promote what they’ve got. They had a few kiddie rides and a smattering of different foods. It gave us a chance to see how many people recognized us from the winter market and how many remembered us from the tail end of last years outdoor market. We sold basically 4 gallons of corn oil, or 50 lbs of popcorn. Nothing to get excited about, but we’ve certainly gone through the trouble of setting up at other events, just to sell much less. We’re hoping after selling at the summer farmers market for an entire year, we’ll have many more customers and friends showing up at this event next year. The same thing happens at events at the Framingham Common. We’ve popped there at the farmers market for a few years, so when something like the Earth Day shows up, we always have plenty of friendly customers who remember us.

Press, press….PULL!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

We’ve recently had some press focused on us at the Newton Indoor Farmers Market. The big news is we got into The Boston Globe. You can read the whole article here.

Next we got a mention in the Newton Patch. Melanie said that she liked taking that silly photo of us beating each otehr with the product. You can read that one here.

Then Michelle, from the Economical Eater website had come by (upon my request) and checked out the market. She did a write up on us at her website. I had found her link at the Boston Food Bloggers website. There’s a crazy list of everybody here. Who knew there was was a whole “foodie” network of blog in and around Boston.

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