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When you’re sliding into first…

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I got this email yesterday:

Dear Velma’s,

Way back in the day, I was a recipient of your free sample. BEST FREE SAMPLE EVER! It was big, it was more delicious than anyone could ever anticipate. So, this year I went to Africa to study and they suggest you pack snacks, so for christmas I received four large bags of your delicious treat. I left on my trip the 8th of January and 1.5 bags had already been consumed… you do the math :-P ! Anyway, I tied a knot in that leftover half bag and left it in my apartment, figuring someone would find it and eat it, as I packed the other 2 for my long excursion.

When I got back mid-May, I found that half bag still sitting on my shelf, and that Velma’s craving took me. I opened the 5 month old bag of Velma’s and upon consumption discovered… it was not stale. Holy wow. I fricking love you people and your nomcious nomming popcorn. Thank you for the best welcome home ever.


My reply:

ACK! You ate a 5 month old bag?! I should notify my health department and point that out to them. (This stuff won’t kill you no matter what spots I miss cleaning up.) Most health department treat me like I’m selling Sushi from my tent.

I think my partner Steve found a 1 month old bag in his car and choked that down. But FIVE months? Wow.

Maybe I should advertise that my product has a longer shelf life than Twinkies. At least we’ll be eating kettle corn after “the big one” drops.

Thanks for the feedback!


Pass the ammo and a bag of Velma’s

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

SPC James Parham (of the 1st CAV Warhorse out of Ft. Lewis, WA) is one lucky guy. He’s now stationed in Iraq. His mother-in-law Cynthia sent him a couple of bags a few weeks ago. Apparently James’ team/squad/platoon got a taste of the stuff and got addicted immediately. (Classified ingredient: “agent yellow”) Everyone demanded a bag so Cynthia sent over 2 cases of the stuff. 24 bags total!

Iraq kettle corn 1

SPC James Parham is the guy on the right with the “doo rag”. Never thought I’d ever see a bag of Velma’s next to an M-16. Wasn’t this how Spam got it’s start? (The meat product, not the crappy e-mail.) The military gave it to the troops during WWII and they ended up liking it and continued eating it when they got home. You’d think the French cruisine would’ve stuck during WWII…but Spam? Maybe it’s a myth started by the Hawaiians. (who love the stuff)

Iraq kettle corn 2

Maybe we can get a contract from Haliburton to sell kettle corn to the military. What would you think they would sell this stuff for? $20 a bag? :-P

Velma’s eases backflow problems!

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007


These three people are part of the happy geeks of Tokay Software in Framingham, MA. They are the current title-holder of Most Addicted Consumers of Velma’s Kettle Corn! Every week they faithfully show up at our tent on the Village Green, pupils dilated, palms moist, nostrils trembling. They refuse to leave until we’ve popped at least 10 bags to feed their habit.

Now that’s devotion. We love it.

P.S. On the day this photo was taken, there was a fourth geek present, but he refused to have his photo taken, embarrassed, no doubt, to have his addiction discovered. The three women, you’ll note, have no such shame.

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