Newton Highlands Village Day 2013

June 9th, 2013

We’ve been banging away at the Newton Indoor Farmers Market all season, so when we saw this outdoor event, we figured we’d jump on it. We’ve got 2 more weeks to go before the Newton Outdoor Farmers Market starts. We’ve been waiting all year to for this market to start up. It’s weird in that in starts in July, verses most farmers markets will start in June. The winter market never really caught on with the residents, but we know we’ll be doing fabulous once we get outside.

The Newton Highlands Village Day is basically a small street fair. The businesses within Newton Highlands could set up a table outside their store front and promote what they’ve got. They had a few kiddie rides and a smattering of different foods. It gave us a chance to see how many people recognized us from the winter market and how many remembered us from the tail end of last years outdoor market. We sold basically 4 gallons of corn oil, or 50 lbs of popcorn. Nothing to get excited about, but we’ve certainly gone through the trouble of setting up at other events, just to sell much less. We’re hoping after selling at the summer farmers market for an entire year, we’ll have many more customers and friends showing up at this event next year. The same thing happens at events at the Framingham Common. We’ve popped there at the farmers market for a few years, so when something like the Earth Day shows up, we always have plenty of friendly customers who remember us.

1st Day! Natick Farmers Market

May 11th, 2013

OK, so this wasn’t the FIRST day out product was there, but it was the first time *I* was able to come out and sell to the crowd. We’ve been selling our product at the Natick Indoor Winter Market for about a month. They recently started the Natick Outdoor Farmers Market last week, and Dan from the Easton Simpson Spring Beverages had our product on their table. I was able to hammer the crowd hard with our samples and I was able to sell twice as much.

So let’s see how we do WITHOUT our kettle! The Natick health department forbade us from popping live at this event, which is just as good because we’ve got other events we’re covering on Saturdays. The big concern is can we move product without the smell and noise that the kettle generates? As it stands now, we pop at my home location and drive the product and tent out to these new events. We’ll be doing the same at the Jamaica Plain Farmers Market in Boston in about a month. We’re also selling pre-popped kettle corn at the Easton Farmers Market on Saturdays too. That’ll be 3 events we’re covering without a kettle! The big experiment is can we continue to scale this type of thing of pre-popped product to other events? We can only pop live on some many days of the week.

Natick Farmers Market – Saturday 9-1 pm
Natick Common – Map:

Save A Dog 2013 – Sudbury, MA

May 5th, 2013

We’ve done the Sudbury’s Save A Dog event at the Wayside Innf for a few years now and it’s always fun. The place is over run with poochies and since Dan and I are dog owners, we really have a fun time. The weather was perfect, the crowd came out and we did alright for event this size. I started to shoot a video which would’ve been only of dogs eating kettle corn, but got too busy to really make it unique. We’ll be back to this location in September when the Colonial Re-enactment people do their thing here.

Start of the season! Framingham Earth Day 2013

April 27th, 2013

Yay! We’re back out in the tent for the start of the 2013 season! This Earth Day event started only recently, I think last year was its first time. We were skeptical it would work so early in the season, but it’s been busy every year for us. It’s almost like everyone is dying to get out of the house from the winter and get a good dose of fresh air. This location is the same spot where the Framingham Farmers Market is located, so we have bunches of returning customers who are excited to re-ignite their kettle corn fix.

Apparently many towns are into this “Earth Day” type of event. We’re doing one in Jamaica Plain in Boston on May 4th and I know of a few others. They wanted us to use paper bags to serve our kettle corn in, but we balked at this big time – many people take their bags home and our product will be ruined by the time they would have eaten it. Yup, we’re just like those giant conglomerates: save the Earth? But what about our PROFITS? I think if we also sold booze and guns we could’ve covered all the politically incorrect bases. Buy your Velma’s Single Malt Whiskey and Velma’s AR-15 ammo here today!

1st Day – Easton Indoor Farmers Market

March 9th, 2013

In my search for winter farmers market, I had stumbled upon the Easton Indoor Farmers Market. What I didn’t realize is that there are plenty of OTHER farmers markets in a town called Easton, so I got all sorts of mixed signals when I went to “their” website. After figuring out I was looking at the Pennsylvania Easton Market (which was friggin’ HUGE), I finally got my story straight. They’re located inside the Simpson Spring bottling company. They sell all sorts of yummy flavors of sodas and bottled spring water. Apparently they are the oldest bottling plant in the country. The company started in the 1800′s and has changed hands many times over the years.

Dan noticed that Chris, the market manager and owner of the plant was very forthcoming when he contacted her. She immediately figured out that kettle corn and yummy sodas would make a good combination. She was very helpful in getting us into the market and helping us do the necessary paperwork with the town. The plant if really cool. It’s in an old mill building and has tons of space for everybody. We’re looking forward to doing business with these guys in the future.

Easton Indoor Farmers Market – 719 Washington St, South Easton, Massachusetts
Saturdays – 10-2 pm

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