Kettle Corn

May 28th, 2015

Velma’s ‘Wicked Delicious’ Kettle Corn is located in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. We travel with our popcorn machine to different locations in the New England area. We can also make kettle corn at your corporate function or event!

We’ll show you our Kettle Corn recipe. Feel free to burn a couple of your own pots and pans at home while trying to recreate it without a popcorn popper. It’s not easy!

Want to start your own kettle corn business? How does being your own boss in an all cash business grab ya? We’ve written a 83 page ebook which goes into detail on what you’ll need and where you’ll find it!

Summer Weekly Locations

Tuesdays: Forest Park, Springfield, MA – 12:30-6:00pm

Next to the Cyr Hockey Rink – Free admintance to the park!

Tuesdays: Framingham Farmers Market – 12:00-5:30pm

At the Framingham Village Green/Edgell Road

Popping At Corporate Events

Freshly popped kettle corn can really excite all your patrons senses at your next business outing. Typically you can “buy us out” for a day and we’ll supply kettle corn to anyone and everyone there. If you have a smaller intimate crowd, we can offer our full sized bags, but when you’ve got to impress 200-300 people at at time, we can scale our portions down to meet the demand. It’s great for team building/networking/incentive events, trade shows, opening ceremonies, theme parties, trade mairs and corporate meetings. Email us to learn more!

Kettle Corn Business Journal

March 10th, 2015

I went nuts and took this entire blog and converted it into a Kindle ebook and slapped it up on Amazon. The thing is over 200 pages and has over 15 megs of photos. It certainly makes it easier to read everything off-line. I wanted to charge 99 cents, but Amazon wouldn’t allow me to because of all the data you end up downloading. It’s only 2 bucks at this point (the cheapest I could make it). You can take a look at it here:

I wanted to take a whack at Kindle/ebook marketing. As a Kindle publisher, you get to give your book out free for 5 days. The objective is to get as many (good) reviews as possible to help push it up the rankings on Amazon. Let me tell you, it’s very hard to get ANYBODY to give you a review. I paid for a Facebook BOOST to the 700 subscribers on my LIKED list. You typically get (1) review for every 100 people you approach. Some of the top Amazon reviewers leave their email address on their profile, inviting companies to give them stuff. At this point (March 10, 2015) I managed to get 17 reviews at 4.5 stars. I’m happy with that. After looking through lists of Amazon reviewers, it was obvious that my book wasn’t something that the mainstream wanted to see – ROMANCE NOVELS are the big sellers. I figured out after the fact that I should’ve been using the cover on the right.

Update: 3/4/15

I’ve been checking my stats on Amazon. I’ve only gotten a few downloads at this point, but with my 18 (mostly) postive reviews, I’m on page 4 of Entrepreneurshhip & Small Business : Entrpreneurship : Startups

Other stats: Entrepreneurship & Small Business : Entrpreneurship – Page 20, Entrepreneurship & Small Business : Home Based Business – Page 6. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next year.

Blandford Ski Area – Blandford, MA

March 10th, 2015

Steve LIKES to shiver! He’s a real ski bum and decided to give free kettle corn to the kids who won medals at the ski race. Everyone else had to pay. I heard he did very well that weekend. Personally (Eric), I’d rather pop someplace warm like Florida or Hawaii.

Velma’s on PBS!

October 27th, 2014

The Connecting Point show on the PBS station WGBY in Springfield did a segment on Steve’s operation at the Springfield farmers market! I went out that day to help pop and hang with him and see his offspring. Steve got his own kettle corn tent when I moved to Onset 2 years ago and has been doing extremely well for himself. His fetish is to go to ski resorts, set up the tent there and pop in the snow and the cold. Go nuts Steve! Personally – I’d rather move to Maui and pop under a palm tree. He’s been calling himself “Velma’s West”. I pretend to show up from time to time from the ‘corporate’ office and give him a performance review.

Metrowest Craft Fair 2014

September 20th, 2014

We’ve been doing this one for a while – I did a video for this event as a “typical craft fair” in my “How to start your own kettle corn business” ebook. Here are my blog entries for this event in 2007 and 2008 plus a silly video I did back in 2008. Did I mention I’ve been doing this event for a while?

This event is held by the Metrowest Humane Society, an organization that specializes in homeless kitties, but they’re friendly to dogs too. There were tons of critters running so it was an enjoyable day. This event is held in the same spot as the Framingham Farmers market. What’s really weird was I ended up in EXACTLY the same place for both events. (see animated GIF above) I only pay 20 bucks a day for the farmers market, but had to shell out $150 for literally the same spot in the same field. I had plenty of return farmers market customers and it ended up a pretty good profitable day – we sold over 200 bags at this event.

The big concern was the Framingham Food Truck Festival that was being held just a couple of miles down the street. They also had crafts but obviously featured more food. We were worried that that event would divert most of our customers from our field to theirs. I didn’t really notice a drop in attendance where we were. In fact, because the only “competition” was an ice cream truck and a person selling hot dogs and canoli’s, we felt that we sold more throughout the day. A bunch of people just went to this event to got kettle corn, then went to the food truck festival to get their real lunch.

I’ve mentioned this in my ebook, nobody considers kettle corn a meal, so sales typically drop off around noon. Many people keep telling me that I should sell kettle corn at the “such and such” food festival. You certainly will sell something at an event like that, but the real money happens when you’ve got the market cornered and there ISN’T too many food choices.

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