Kettle Corn

May 28th, 2015

Velma’s ‘Wicked Delicious’ Kettle Corn is located in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. We travel with our popcorn machine to different locations in the New England area. We can also make kettle corn at your corporate function or event!

We’ll show you our Kettle Corn recipe. Feel free to burn a couple of your own pots and pans at home while trying to recreate it without a popcorn popper. It’s not easy!

Want to start your own kettle corn business? How does being your own boss in an all cash business grab ya? We’ve written a 83 page ebook which goes into detail on what you’ll need and where you’ll find it!

Summer Weekly Locations

Tuesdays: Forest Park, Springfield, MA – 12:30-6:00pm

Next to the Cyr Hockey Rink – Free admintance to the park!

Thursdays: Framingham Farmers Market – 12:00-5:30pm

At the Framingham Village Green/Edgell Road

Popping At Corporate Events

Freshly popped kettle corn can really excite all your patrons senses at your next business outing. Typically you can “buy us out” for a day and we’ll supply kettle corn to anyone and everyone there. If you have a smaller intimate crowd, we can offer our full sized bags, but when you’ve got to impress 300-400 people at at time, or even up to 1,000 – we can scale our portions down to meet the demand. It’s great for team building/networking/incentive events, trade shows, opening ceremonies, theme parties, trade fairs and corporate meetings. Email us to learn more!

Lasell College Fall Fest

October 15th, 2016

Lasell College is Newton was having their fall festival and wanted to give out kettle corn along with some other goodies. We served 523 little bags to everyone, had tons of compliments on our product.

Harvard College Fall Festival Event

October 9th, 2016

We were hired by the Harvard College to hand out kettle corn at their Fall Festival event. 900 students came by and tried out all of the food goodies they offered. Typically we give out a 64 oz bag, but we only had 3 hours to give everything out. We switched to 32 oz cups when the crowd started getting intense to keep up with the demand. Later in the day, people came back to the tent and requested only a bag. I guess the word got around campus that you NEED to get to the tent and grab a bag.

2015 Sudbury Colonial Faire Time Lapse

September 26th, 2015

So this is what our biggest day of the season looks like. I’ve blogged about the Sudbury Colonial Faire before – from 2008. We’ve been coming here for a bunch of years, so we’ve got a lot of regulars who return every year, wanting their bag(s). We popped around 400 bags, as you can see from the video. We’ve developed a system where we give ourselves a buffer against the crowds that form, wanting their bag. By making sure we have three layers of already popped bags on the table, we can then “fight back” the crowd if they start to surge. Years ago we didn’t do this and a huge line would form and put us behind the demand curve. We also calls this our (Star Trek) “shields” against the “enemy” of hungry customers (Klingons) who want their kettle corn NOW. All the other food vendors were getting swamped with customers, but Dan and I never got buried. I’m sure you lose business if you make a customer wait too long.

We’ve also been doing other events at this location for a while now, but we missed one event this year because we were already booked down the road in Framingham. About a week ago, we started to get complaints from some of our regular customers who went to this Sudbury event and didn’t see us there, ending up buying a bag of kettle corn from another vendor and ending up very disappointed with their product. Four different people schlepped all the way to Framingham to give us flack about somebody else’s product! I’m still amazed at how many people screw kettle corn up. I’ve gotten email from people who have bought my kettle corn business guide and THEY still insist of messing with the formula.

Kettle Corn Time Lapse Framingham

August 6th, 2015

Typically the high point of the season is the first week in August or the last week of July. We were hoping to catch a record day on the time lapse camera, but alas, our record day in Framingham was 2 weeks back. We sold about 200 bags on this day. I knew it wasn’t going to be a record day when I was able to take a rest after the first hour (around :17 in the video). The whole thing takes place over a 5 and a half hour period. Notice how at the end of the day it looked like we were going to go home with a bunch of bags that were on the table, but a bunch of last minute addicts came by and cleaned us out.

Cape Cod Canal Fest in Bourne, MA

July 13th, 2015

We try out a new event – the Cape Cod Canal Fest in Bourne, MA. This spot is barely a 1/2 mile from my house – it’s also the same spot that a major festival used to be located: the Bourne Scallop Festival. I always wanted to pop at the Scallop Festival, but they already had a kettle corn vendor. They moved to a bigger location further out on Cape Cod and took their person with them. When these guys contacted me, I jumped right on it. All the vendors weren’t sure what would happen crowd wise. Fortunately a parade was happening on the first day and they went right past our location. As you’ll see in the video, the town of Bourne basically descended on us after the parade. We figured that since it was cloudy but warm on the first day, nobody bothered going to the beach and came here. The next day (July 5th) was a perfect beach day and hardly anyone showed up.

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