Popper Machines

Here’s what I’ve found on the internet for Kettle Corn Popper Machines. They’re all fairly expensive, usually a few thousand dollars. You also need to get a sifting bin or some sort to dump what you make into them. This will put you back a tad too.

The older ones were usually made out of cast iron, while the newer models then to be made out of steel or aluminum. I’ve heard that cast iron distributes the heat better and more evenly while cooking the kettle corn, but many health departments now have an issue with this material. (Don’t get me started on the logic of health departments.) The metal kettle corn popper machines are much lighter, I can easily wrangle my North Bend Originals kettle corn popper machine into my trailer by myself. I’ve heard that the cast iron kettle corn popper machines are extremely heavy. (200 pounds plus?)

You can usually find a used kettle corn popper machine on ebay. Somebody is usually getting out of the business because even though it’s profitable, you’ve got to work yer butt off. You also SWEAT you butt off on hot days. So getting into the kettle corn biz is not for everyone. Shipping is kind of tricky when ordering on ebay, since you hardly find anyone close to you selling a used kettle corn popper machine. Expect to pay anywhere around $200 to ship a kettle and a sifting bin of some sort.

I’ve got a ton more information about kettle corn poppers in my 60 page ebook called “Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business“. You’ll get names, links and pricing information of each along with an estimate of total start up costs.

This unit makes short work of my larger crowds. It’s made by MJ Metal Products and you can order one from Mann Made Kettles.


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